Monday, June 16, 2008

It All Began With A Dream

I have a passion for writing and teaching writing. There is always the one student with a special light in their pencil, and in my dream I give them more than what is offered in school. In my dream I give them supportive instruction in order to improve the quality of their writing and create an excitement and passion for words.

My daughter takes dance...ballet, point, tap, jazz, hip hop. As a parent, I spend a lot of money each month to give her the opportunity to explore her gifts and pursue her dreams. Today kids participate in karate, sports, art, cheerleading, music, and so much more. The opportunities are endless. I want to add one more opportunity to the list...writing and publishing. My dream gives young writer's their chance on paper.

My dream has evolved over time. I had to look at the practical side of business. I had to step out of my own ideas and into an open box. In the end my dream expanded into the idea of a writing studio and children's bookstore. I want to create a trendy, contemporary environment where kids can explore books and stories and the written words. Young Writer's Studio & Bookstore will be a place for family, educators, and the community to come together to celebrate literacy and language. I will offer products, services, and programs which will enrich the lives of children in my community.

I've spent a great deal of time researching and planning. I am beginning to formalize my plans. I'm going forward into my future. I've created something special, something magical...on paper. Now I need to take it a step further and bring it to life. I have a realistic two year plan. I will continue researching, learning, and planning as I work to make my dream come true.


There's always a "but", isn't there? Money. Of course. I'm willing to work to make it happen, but I have to work on the side. I've thought of some ways to begin raising the seed money I need to open my doors in 2010. This blog is only the beginning. Join me on my journey to create a buzz. My first project is to set up an Amazon powered bookstore to generate funds. I'm only earning commission folks, and the commission is going straight into the business savings account. It doesn't change the world if you buy on Amazon anyway, but it could change mine (and eventually touch the lives of young writers and readers). I'll put together the store and provide the link on the blog list. If you purchase your books by following my links then you know a percentage of profits go to a dream. It doesn't cost you anything extra. I'll set the store up with different categories (similar to how I dream of setting up my YWS Bookstore), plus an adult section. If you don't see what you are looking for then you can contact me and I will add it. Your support is appreciated. Please share this blogsite with everyone! Help me create a dream.

Please come and shop and talk and watch a dream grow...

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