Friday, June 27, 2008

My Online eStores are Open!

I've been working hard to open up and recreate several online ventures. I hope you will drop by and visit my online stores. Let me tell you a little about each of them.
First I would like to introduce Apple Boutique. This little venture began as a t-shirt shop for teachers, but quickly expanded. My writing shirts and products are the most popular! I've added lots of great new products. I'm especially proud of my "journals" section. I have some great covers. Come by and see for yourself.
Since you are surfing around etown, take a stop at my new Bottega eBooks shop. I finally found a place to host all of my ebooks (and my unique Epages - The One Page Wonder) in one spot. I plan to add new titles soon. Please keep in mind that my ebooks are NOT a bunch of sold/resold garbage. I write each one on topics I know about.
If you are in the market for books, please visit Bottega Books. This shop is powered by Amazon. Lots of books for kids and teens. I've even put together book and movies - read the book, watch the movie!
For the collectors out there you will want to stop by Bottega Once Loved Books. I am a one woman treasure hunting machine. I'm also a teacher who needs to clear out her classroom! So teachers - stop by for a bargain.
Looking for toys for your kids? Please visit Imagination Toys powered by Amazon. Shopping through me doesn't cost you anything extra, and your check out experience is an Amazon experience!
Okay girls- I put together everything a girl could want in one place: clothes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, hair & skin care, health & fitness books, and even romance novels. Stop by Uptown Girls and shop till you drop!
Now you know where to hang out and shop, please bookmark my sites and visit again. Come visit my blog again soon. I promise - I won't always talk about shopping! LOL! Have a great day!
P.S. All of the links to my shops are on the side of the blog. Scroll all the way down and see my Bottega Ebooks widget.

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