Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Business Plan Before the Buisness Plan

I've been working on my business plan for Young Writer's Studio. I took a small business class with Score (). I started a computer file to begin filling in the blanks of my plan. I've spent time researching, making phone calls, surfing the web to add the information I need to my knowledge bank. I even have a large binder with sections. Each section is devoted to a different part of my plan: the business plan itself, store design and layout, programs, services, gift services, and more. I've been typing up everything in detail, printing it out, and placing it in my binder. I believe it's important to figure out my policies, procedures, and generally how I'm going to run things.

During the last couple of weeks, I've taken a business plan break. I've been working on setting up online businesses to generate income to place in a savings account. This account will be my seed money to start YWS. I've opened up shops with Cafe Press, ecrater, and Amazon. I also have items to sell on Ebay. You can find a list of links to my different shops on the side of this blog. The efforts I'm putting in now will hopefully begin bringing me profits soon. I hope you will visit my shops, bookmark them, and tell a friend about them! I'm working hard to organize on online ventures. Please visit my other blog: .

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saudade said...

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You also might find the shopping cart service on that site useful, it allows you to sell directly from your blog. :)